Sex Therapy | Linda J. Walker M.A., LPCC, CST

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy is specialized counseling (talk therapy) designed to help couples and individuals enhance sexual fulfillment, or resolve sexual conflicts and struggles. Linda Walker helps couples improve their sex lives by helping them communicate more effectively about sexual and other issues; educating them about normal sexual responses; and guiding them through specially designed homework assignments. These assignments consist of non-demand sensate focus (touching) exercises, communication (talking) exercises, and learning (teaching) exercises which are all done in the privacy and comfort of their home. Homework assignments are then discussed during the next appointment. Counseling for sexual difficulties may also include counseling for other marital issues. It is not uncommon for deeper underlying conflicts and barriers to become evident during the process of Sex Therapy. If so, attention is given where needed. Counseling of individuals with sexuality problems varies depending on the specific nature of the problem. Sometimes, only one spouse is willing to come, but counseling can still be helpful.

Linda Walker provides a comfortable, safe, and confidential forum for discussing sexual issues within strict ethical guidelines. Counseling sessions are based on each client’s goals. Many couples who have counseled with Linda Walker report discovering greater marital intimacy and sexual fulfillment, feeling closer to their spouse, having greater insight regarding each other, and experiencing a deeper appreciation and trust for each other.